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Paracetamol makes you less sympathetic to others


Boffins have discovered that taking popular painkiller paracetamol makes you less sympathetic to others.

A study was carried out by Ohio State University where they tested 80 students.

The participants were blasted with various levels of white noise and were asked to rate how unpleasant the noises were.

They were then asked to rate how unpleasant the noise would be for others.

The students who had taken paracetamol, as opposed to those who had taken the placebo drug, felt less pain but they also reckoned that others would feel less pain too.

Another test involved the students reading a short story involving someone suffering suffering some pain, such as a stab wound or the death of a loved one.

When asked to rate the level of pain of those in the stories, the students who had taken paracetamol gave lower ratings than those who hadn't.

"Acetaminophen (as the drug is known in the US) reduced the pain they felt, but it also reduced their empathy for others who were experiencing the same noise blasts," Dominik Mischkowski, the author of the study said.