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Pack a protein punch with your diet

Pack a protein punch with your diet

To lose weight and tone up you need to both exercise and eat well, and one doesn’t work without the other. But what if you’re doing both and not getting the muscly results you’re after? Slaving away with weights and not getting those Jennifer Aniston arms just isn’t fair, so maybe it’s time to look at adding more protein to your diet.

Protein can help your body speedily recover after a workout, and is also one of the building blocks of muscles, as well as bones, skin, blood and cartilage. The body also uses protein to build and repair tissue and make enzymes and hormones.

While the protein supplement market is big news right now, glugging down shakes and chomping on meal replacement bars isn’t the only way to get your protein hit. Like most solutions in life, going back to basics is normally the simplest and most effective solution, so why not overhaul your everyday diet in your quest for the perfect body.

It’s recommended that 1g of protein should be eaten for every 1kg of body weight on day-to-day basis. Below we list the best sources of protein that can easily be added to your daily meals


Scrambled, friend or poached, eggs are one of the top protein foods around and can be incorporated into your day at any time. A medium egg has about 6g of protein, making it a real hero food for those building bulk.


Another secret weapon for gym lovers, chicken and turkey is packed full of lean protein and makes for a great snack after working out. Avoid the skins though, which are packed full of fat.

Fish and seafood

Again low in fat and full of protein, fish will also deliver your body with a heart-healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids.


Almonds, pistachios and cashews win the nut race when it comes to protein. The snacks also contain plenty of other nutrients the body needs, so grab a handful after you’ve sweated it out.

Lean beef

Having a nice steak meal can be a massive benefit to your body, as well as a treat for your taste buds. However if you’re tucking in for body reasons, forgo chips and a rich sauce. The food source will also add iron and vitamin B12 to the mix.

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