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Nearly half of Americans are too tired to work properly

Nearly half of Americans are too tired to work properly

Nearly half off the American population isn’t getting enough sleep, and they fear this is greatly impacting their work.

In a new survey by the National Safety Council, 43 per cent of U.S. citizens said they do not get enough sleep to mitigate critical risks that can jeopardise safety at work and on the roads, including the ability to think clearly, make informed decisions and be productive.

Longer working hours without adequate breaks, working late at night or early in the morning and long commutes are the most common reasons for the fatigue.

It was further found that 76 per cent report feeling tired at work, 53 per cent feel less productive, and 44 per cent have trouble focusing. And 47 per cent admitted they fall asleep at work.

"These findings are a literal wake-up call: When we're tired, we can put ourselves and others at risk," said Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and chief executive officer of the National Safety Council. "We hope Americans recognise that impairment stems not just from alcohol and drugs, but lack of restorative rest – fitness for duty starts with getting a good night's sleep."

Lack of sleep has been blamed on up to 13 per cent of workplace injuries and 21 per cent of fatal car crashes.

Poor rest can lead to health problems and even suicide too.

In a separate poll by Sealy U.K. and Loughborough University’s Clinical Sleep Research Uniti, it’s also been found that 77 per cent of British adults fail to get a good night’s sleep. To help combat this, mattress brand Sealy published tips on how to get a better night’s slumber.

Stick to your sleep patterns

“It’s important to get up at the same time as you usually would as well as ensuring you go to bed an hour earlier. Routine is vital when it comes to your body clock – and yes that means on weekends too!” Sealy sleep expert Holly Housby told Cover media.

Get your duvet right

Think about getting a different duvet for the different seasons, as the higher the duvet tog rating is the warmer the duvet will be.

Be drink aware

Drinking both alcohol and caffeine before bed can mean a bad night’s sleep, so think carefully about what you drink at night.

Get fit and healthy

Regular exercise will keep your energy levels high and will help you feel more tired by the evening. Maintaining a good diet is also important in helping your overall energy levels, so make sure you enjoy a nutritious and healthy diet.

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