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Monday motivation: Nina Dobrev

Monday motivation: Nina Dobrev

She’s the star of mega successful TV show The Vampire Diaries and also the latest Reebok ambassador, so staying in shape is important for actress Nina Dobrev.

Whether she’s on the red carpet, working up a sweat or going about her day-to-day business, Nina always looks good. We delve into how the brunette beauty manages her fitness and diet goals for a little Monday motivation.


Nina is a massive gym bunny, but what she loves most is working out with her friends.

“When you do it with your friends, it motivates you to have a little bit of healthy competition,” she recently told People magazine. “You want to give up, but you look over and you see that your friend is still going, so you keep going even more and push through the burn.

“If you’re going to be sweating and working hard it is better to do it with your buddies by your side. Misery loves company!”

She also likes to fit in her workouts in the morning, and when it comes to the type of training she does, the 28-year-old says mixing things up is the key to looking and feeling good.

"I actually did not do a lot of (strength training) in the past - I only did yoga and ran in terms of training,” she revealed to Shape magazine. “Strength training with weights and such a regimented schedule has been new to my life, and now that I understand the way it all works, the science behind it, it's changed everything for me."


Food is also an important part of Nina’s body plan and she makes sure she snacks all day long to keep her energy levels up. However, rather than reaching for sugary snacks, Nina tucks into KIND bars, which are packed full of fruit and nuts.

“I like KIND bars - I get angry if I don’t eat every hour. Or I have to get a juice or something... Watch out if I don’t eat! I’m constantly snacking all day,” she explained to

She’s big on protein too and blends protein powder with almond milk, peanut butter, spinach, cinnamon and half a banana for a daily morning shake.

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