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Men trump women in office cleanliness stakes

Figures show that men might be cleaner around the office than women
Figures show that men might be cleaner around the office than women

Sharing an office can be a stressful business.

There are always disagreements about the heating or someone who just won't stop talking no matter how busy everyone else is.

And then there is the cleanliness issue... dirty dishes, overflowing bins and that's before you even start on the state of the toilets.

Many would expect men to be the main culprits, but a new survey has found that women aren't quite as clean as they think.

The research was carried out by Initial Hygiene, with 43 per cent of Australian women insisting the guys they work with don't even do basic things like washing their hands.

In contrast, 89 per cent of guys thought their female co-workers were careful with cleaning. But what were the actual figures? Surprisingly it was a tie, with 96 per cent of both sexes sticklers for washing their hands when at work.

The real shocker comes when bathroom etiquette was studied though, as here it was the men that came out on top.

Only 42 per cent of women bothered to give the toilet seat a once over after paying a trip to the work bathroom, compared to 52 per cent of men. 77 per cent guys would also give it a quick flick with some tissue before doing the deed, but just 59 per cent of women thought that was necessary.

More men bothered to close the lid before giving the loo a flush too.

It seems men can be a bit squeamish about germs too, as 67 per cent revealed they would try not to touch something in the restroom if they thought another person had come into contact with it. In contrast, this was only the case for 53 per cent of ladies.

"Men are instinctually protective and territorial and these natural predilections could well be why they take care when using their own and others toilets," psychologist Emma Kenny explained.

The takeaway from this should be to spend a little time thinking about your co-workers. No one wants to shake a slimy hand, so always wash your hands after taking a trip to the bathroom or eating when you're in an office. Treat the bathroom as you would your own is a good tip too.

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