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Low calorie diet could lead to eternal youth

Low calorie diet could lead to eternal youth

There have been many tales over the years of where the fountain of eternal youth could be, and now scientists say it may in fact be in your kitchen.

New research has shown that as well as maintaining a trim waist, eating a low calorie diet is key to keeping the body younger.

Experts from the University of California conducted their research on mice, with a group of rodents tested at six months and 18 months, having tissue from the liver extracted for analysis. The liver is the organ that operates as the interface between nutrition and energy distribution in the body.

In a second group of mice, who were on a diet of 30 per cent fewer calories for six months, it was found that energy was processed in a more stable way.

Researchers summarised that low calorie meals help the body metabolise energy more efficiently, which leads to looking and feeling younger.

“The findings provide a clear introduction on how to go about controlling these elements of ageing in a pharmacological perspective,” lead author Dr. Paolo Sassone-Corsi said of the results, which have been published in journal Cell.

“Caloric restriction works by rejuvenating the biological clock in a most powerful way. In this context, a good clock meant good ageing.”

While it’s not known if the same is true in humans, a low calorie diet is beneficial in other ways, like helping to lose weight or upping energy levels. Cut calories easily by ditching fried foods, sugary drinks and opting for healthy snacks over high-fat and sugar foods.

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