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Leafy green veg can fight sugar effects

Leafy green veg can fight sugar effects

Even the healthiest people would be forgiven for getting confused about what they should and shouldn't be eating at times. It seems like every day there is new advice about portion size, caffeine and the amount of fruit, vegetables and alcohol you're allowed.

To help get to the truth, we spoke to qualified health and nutrition coach Laura Thomas, who's also an expert in breaking emotional eating habits and sugar addiction.

To start, we queried whether there is one thing most people don't get enough of in their diets.

"Green leafy vegetables - it's very easy for people to go entire days without having them," Laura told Cover Media. "They have nutrients which fight against [the impact of] sugar.

"Also people are a little too scared of fats and so aren't eating enough to fill them up. There are good sources of fats in [things like] oily fish, nuts, avocados and good quality grass fed butter."

And obviously there are things which people cram into their daily meals far too much. Top of the list of these for Laura is sugar - and we're not just talking about fizzy drinks and chocolate bars. The problem is there is a lot of sugar in things which many view as healthy.

"Dried fruit is very easy to overeat. A small box of raisins is like a large bunch of grapes," Laura explained.

"Overeating on healthy processed foods [is a problem] too - things like healthy yoghurts, granola bars, cereal bars, in big quantities."

Another consideration is superfoods. New miracle substances constantly crop up and it feels like we're told daily to cram them into our diets, with kale seemingly the answer to all 2014's health problems if many are to be believed.

Although Laura is in no doubt that some of these are great for you and will keep your body healthy, she believes there is much more to be said for having treats in moderation and maintaining a diet rich in all areas.

"I don't particularly believe in a food being so super that is eradicates all other sins," she explained, meaning you can't munch a whole tub of ice cream but then feel virtuous because you topped it off with some blueberries.

"But some pack a high nutritional punch and can easily be integrated into our diets. I'm talking about things like green powders and chia seeds."

Laura's website includes a blog with many other tips.

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