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Keep body toned on the beach

Keep body toned on the beach

Holidays are a time to relax, but some gym bunnies just can’t take a whole week (or god forbid, two!) off from their dedicated routine. But you don’t have to slog it out in the hotel facilities and miss out on the sunshine – just take your workout outside, onto the beach.

In fact, exercising on the sand could even bring some real benefits: “The instability of sand requires more core activation and creates resistance as you pull, push and jump, so your body gets fit fast,” Stephanie Vitorino, group fitness manager at Equinox West LA, told “Since sand is so forgiving on the joints, it really allows you to take your plyometrics training to a higher intensity.”

So what kind of moves should you try out on the beach? You could start with a surfer-style pop-up. Start off in the tricep push-up position, elbows close to the body. Then pop up in one swift motion, finishing in the surfer’s stance, with knees slightly bent and right foot staggered slightly in front of the left. Do 15 reps of this.

For a burst of cardio, try single-leg bounding. Keep legs slightly over shoulder-width apart and knees a little bent. Then run forward, switching from one leg to the other like a speed skater. You should aim to cover as much distance as you can in four bounds, then go back to your starting point and repeat ten times.

If you’re more into toning and stretching, go for a spot of beach yoga. It’s hugely popular in sunny places like LA and the gentle rush of the waves and warming feel of the sun on your skin will make it even more peaceful. A top tip: get up early and head to the beach before anyone else gets there. It will be blissfully quiet and you’ll miss the worst of the sweltering heat. If you don’t want to take a yoga mat away with you, a beach towel will do the job, just be careful of the uneven surface and don’t get too adventurous!

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