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Keep an eye on your health

Keep an eye on your health

Problems with our eyes shouldn’t be ignored as they could be a sign of a bigger issue.

Not sure what to look out for? Here health experts have shared how to interpret different problems with your peepers.

Dark circles

People put these down to lack of sleep and it’s true, that is the biggest culprit. However it could be something more serious, as nutritionist, Cassandra Barns explains to Cover Media.

“There are two potential health causes: thyroid problems or anaemia. If you’re confident that you’re getting enough sleep but are still feeling excessively tired (which can be a symptom of both these conditions) and the dark circles just won’t go, then see your doctor to get tested for both of these conditions,” she urged.

With anaemia you’ll want to up your iron intake, so tuck into more eggs, lentils and lean meat. Vitamin C helps iron absorb into the bloodstream, with vegetables such as red peppers, broccoli and kale being packed full of it.

For a thyroid problem you’ll need medication, so don’t try and tackle it yourself.

Whites of the eye being yellow

This isn’t something you can neglect, as Cassandra stresses it could be down to serious diseases such as hepatitis, liver dysfunction, bile duct obstruction or jaundice.

Or if the doctor has given you the all-clear with these illnesses, your liver may need some TLC. Michela Vagnini, nutritionist at, suggests cutting down on alcohol, processed foods and your sugar intake to help in this case. Taking a liver supplement from your local pharmacy or health food store will also aid in your recovery.

Bloodshot eyes

Something as simple as working on a computer all day can lead to this as our peepers strain when looking at the screen.

"Make sure you’re giving your eyes a break every now and then – at least for 5-10 minutes once an hour, and preferably looking away and into the distance every 15 minutes or so. If you’re experiencing eyestrain it can also be worth having an eye test to see if you need glasses or to have your prescription changed,” Elouise Bauskis, nutritionist at, says.

Bloodshot eyes could also be an indicator of weakening capillaries, a condition known as capillary fragility. The eye troubles may be joined by nosebleeds or bruising easily, so keep an eye out. Eat more Vitamin C in this case.

On the other hand it could be an allergy or hay fever, both problems antihistamines aim to solve.

None of these?

“Serious conditions like conjunctivitis, blepharitis, uveitis and glaucoma can all result in redness,” added Elouise, recommending getting treated.

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