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Juice-free detox

Juice-free detox

When you hear the word detox, it no doubt conjures up images of being a slave to your juicer. From Beyoncé Knowles' famous Cayenne pepper/maple syrup drink diet to Kate Moss professing her love for juicing as it gives her bright eyes, going on a detox is an easy way to lose weight.

But not many of us mere mortals can stick to the no food plan that the A-list so easily can. So how about detoxing without fasting? We've compiled a list of the best skin and health detoxes, without a raw drink in sight!

Cut out chemicals

Instead of avoiding food for once every month, why not just choose healthier, organic foods for all meals. Steering clear of chemicals, preservatives and pesticides can work wonders on your wellbeing as well as the environment. If your budget doesn't stretch to 100 per cent organic, try making homemade soups, lasagnes and other meal staples so you can see exactly what you're putting in.

Eliminate certain foods

Caffeine, sugar and gluten can wreak havoc on our bodies. Even if you've not got a deficiency to these types of food, cutting them out for a bit can be a great body boost. Energy and digestion will instantly be improved and you'll start to find you crave more natural flavours.

Healthy bowels

Healthy bowel movement is vital for ridding your body of toxins, and getting out your own waste should be a regular occurrence. Eating foods high in fibre and drinking plenty of water will ensure a happy bowel. Exercise also helps regulate things.

Brush your skin

You don't just have to detox from the inside; buffering off dead skin cells with a brush will reveal glowing, brighter skin. This is all because taking off the dead cells allows new skin to breathe better. Brush before a shower so you can wash away the old stuff. Start at the feet, brushing in a clockwise circular motion as you move up.

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