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International Yoga Day: Apps to help find inner peace

International Yoga Day: Apps to help find inner peace

With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many people feel stressed and over-worked, which in turn can impact their health. While we are often so busy we feel there is no time to stop, turning to your phone may actually prove beneficial in this case. Yoga apps are all the rage, and are a great way to get a little added Zen into your day. And as it is International Yoga Day, which is marked every year on June 21, we bring you some smartphone apps that help relax both your mind and body.

A good way to try the ancient spiritual practice is to check out the Daily Yoga app, which offers coaching through classes, scheduled plans, meditations tracks, soothing music and a database of more than 500 poses. Or if you're a beginner and are keen to learn yoga, but feel intimidated about going to a studio, Yoga Academy is the perfect solution. It allows you to create your own sessions based on your experience level and the time you have available, or choose from several classes that are all ready to go. It even lets you use your own playlist or the preloaded ambient sounds for background music.

Don't have enough time to dedicate to yoga? Think again. The tools on the Sadhguru app are based on Upa-Yoga, and it is a good option as it guides users through a set of five minute Upa-Yoga practices to help you get used to the ritual. The technology also offers guidelines and videos to help you do asanas correctly.

For those stuck in the office, the Office Yoga app is a great way to start your journey. The course involves simple, 10-minute workout sessions which are designed to be done at lunchtime or in between breaks. A cute monkey demonstrates the stretches and poses, all without disturbing your colleagues. Great for relieving tension in the back and neck from hours sitting in front of computer, the poses include neck extensions and twists and shoulder exercises.

And don't forget the kids, as there are now apps on the market which are designed to teach children about the benefits of yoga. The Super Stretch Yoga app, available on iOS, uses stories, videos and animation to get little ones involved. While on Android, the Kids Yoga app uses animations to outline easy poses children can to increase strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing.

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