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How to lead a green life

How to lead a green life

Whether you're a keen environmentalist or are only just becoming familiar with the notion, keeping an eye on ways you can help the planet is essential. The idea of living sustainably can seem foreign, but it's actually very easy. We have summed up some of the best ways you can keep the Earth happy without disrupting your life.

One of the biggest issues is waste. Just think about the packaged, boxed and bagged things you buy every day. Start asking yourself how much of it you actually need and where you can make changes. For a start, ditch the bottled water. The plastic ends up in landfills and on top of that, it's expensive. Instead, carry around a reusable gym bottle and fill it with tap water - which is just as safe to drink in Great Britain.

Also think about taking packed lunches into work. Sandwiches, crisps etc rarely come in recyclable packaging. An added bonus: you'll save money.

Similarly, get into the habit of saying 'no' to plastic bags. Instead, carry around a canvas shopper and load as much as you can into this. With plastic bags taking up to 1,000 years to decompose, they're a real threat to the environment.

Moving on to electricity, think about all the gadgets you use and how you can cut down. If you're scrolling through Facebook on your phone, do you really need the TV on in the background? Also try and switch off lights when they're not needed and unplug chargers when they're not being used.

Some things, such as bedding and gym clothes, may need to be washed at a high temperature. But a regular wash can easily be turned down to 30 degrees without compromising on cleanliness. And if it's just a small stain, try using a tiny bit of stain remover and water instead of putting on a whole load.

By following just a few simple steps, you are helping the planet stay as green as possible and ensuring generations to come have access to a sustainable world.

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