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How to feel good naked

How to feel good naked

There aren’t many of us who can say we are completely happy with our bodies. Choosing the right clothes to flatter our figures is one thing, but there will still come a time when we catch sight of yourself in the nude and die a little bit inside. According to research carried out by Mind Body Green, 90 per cent of girls and women report experiencing body dissatisfaction, while it’s only slightly less in boys and men, at up to 75 per cent. So what can we do to embrace our nakedness?

First, it’s essential that you establish realistic goals when it comes to changing your body through diet and exercise, and a certain amount of acceptance that some things will never change is necessary. For instance, if you have broad hips, you will always have them, regardless of how much weight you lose. By managing these expectations you can establish a bit more body confidence from the start and build on that.

Next, instead of looking at your body in the mirror and pointing out all the things you dislike about your figure, make a point of listing at least five things that you do like. So if you like your small waist, tell yourself.

If you like the shape of your calves, add that to your list. Spend at least 10 minutes really looking at yourself and highlighting your good points. The more you repeat positive messages to yourself, the more you will start to believe it and appreciate what you see in the mirror.

While we can be our own worst enemies, it doesn’t help that we also have a habit of comparing ourselves to other people, and become envious of their bodies over our own. In today’s celebrity-fuelled world it’s even more prevalent, so try not to compare your tummy to Cameron Diaz’s abs; it’s not going to get you anywhere. You can’t swap body parts and you probably don’t have the finances, personal trainers and at-home chefs that a lot of the celebrities use to achieve their figures. Again, be realistic and work with what you have got: every body is unique and can offer many positive attributes.

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