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How to avoid Black Eye Friday

How to avoid Black Eye Friday

After grabbing a bargain during Black Friday last month (Nov15), how many of us will be partaking in Friday's Black Eye Friday (18Dec15)? The last Friday before Christmas has been given the nasty name due to the high amount of alcohol consumed, as it's one of the busiest nights of the year for pubs and bars. The date is a particular favourite for work Christmas parties, with city centres expected to be full to the brim as people get in the festive spirit with a glass of fizz or two (or three or four).

While boozing, especially at Crimbo, is fun, feeling rougher than a bear's bottom the next day is a little less enjoyable. If you're hitting the town tonight, take a few precautions to make sure it's not a black out Friday this year.

Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to the dreaded hangover, it's far better to enforce damage limitation before you take your first swig of beer than deal with it the morning after. Fill up on a hearty dinner, full of carbs and fats as the food groups slow down your body's absorption of alcohol. If you're not up for a calorific pizza, go for healthy fats like oily fish and avocado. Also add some vitamin supplements to your day to keep levels high, as the body uses up a lot of vitamins and nutrients when metabolising alcohol.

Sip on pear juice

The humble pear has been shown to make those suffering with a hangover feel 21 per cent better, thanks to its juice. Scientists found that the Korean (Asian) pear group helps increase concentration, reduces memory loss and decreases the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. On top of that, it can reduce light and sound sensitivity. Pass us the pear juice!

Water, water everywhere

The cornerstone of any hangover prevention/ hangover cure is lots and lots of the clear stuff. The best piece of advice we can give is to drink water in between each of your boozy beverages. It can be tough to stick to this hard and fast rule, but your head will definitely thank you the next day. It will also mean your night doesn't get too wild, which hopefully means no anxious flashbacks either!

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