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How to achieve job joy

How to achieve job joy

The end of summer blues can be tough. Suddenly the days are shorter, the rain gets heavier and you don't have any holidays planned to save you from the monotony of the working week.

As the tan from your last beach break fades, it's understandable that dragging yourself out of bed and into the office can seem harder than ever. If you need a burst of motivation to make you fall in love with your job again, help is at hand.

One of the best ways to realise why you applied for the position in the first place is to talk to someone else about your work. By explaining what you do and why it's so important, you'll reignite that passion and feel proud of what you've achieved so far. It usually works best on a family member or close friend who'll encourage positivity or a new acquaintance who wants to find out all about you.

You could also take a budding protégé under your wing. If you have interns or new recruits, offer to show them the ropes and tell them about opportunities your career has afforded you. By feeding off their excitement and enthusiasm you'll remember how you felt at the beginning - think of it as the honeymoon phase, just like in a relationship!

If you've been in your job for a while, you're probably quite comfortable with the routine and the way the office works. At this stage it's important to set new targets and freshen things up with extra responsibilities. Have a chat with your boss and see if there's anything new you could take on. The positive feedback you'll get for showing initiative will also be a huge boost.

It can also help to get out of the office if you're in a job that sees you chained to the desk. See if there are meetings or events you can help with, anything for a change of scenery. It will keep you on your toes and might even be a huge help to someone on your team.

If you're a few months into winter and still unhappy, don't ignore those feelings. Maybe it really is time for a change and a new challenge could be the best way to start the New Year. Speak to a career advisor to plan your next steps and take action!

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