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Half of male suicides in Ireland by men in the construction industry

Shocking numbers about male suicide in the construction industry
Shocking numbers about male suicide in the construction industry

A joint study between the Construction Federation of Ireland and Pieta House has revealed the extent to which those employed in the construction industy have been affected by suicide.

The figures, published on the CIF website, are part of a campaign aimed at raising awareness of suicide and mental health  in the Irish construction industry.

They reveal that of the 2,137 male deaths by suicide between 2008 and 2012, almost half, 1,039 men, came from a construction or production background.

Suicide among males is a huge issue (eight out of 10 suicides in Ireland are men) and with the construction industry so dominated by men (93 per cent) the initiative is a great idea from the CIF and Pieta House.

Pieta House CEO Brian Higgins said, “We are delighted to initiate and launch the Mind Our Workers campaign in partnership with the CIF. It is extremely encouraging that a national body as influential as the CIF sees the impact of suicide on the construction industry and its employees and is partnering with an organisation such as ourselves to help tackle the issue. Partnerships such as this are a way of building resilience within our society”.

Tom Parlon, CIF Director General backed Mr Higgins’ comments saying, “As the statistics highlight, the level of suicide in the construction sector is shocking. The industry can’t ignore this problem – there is a necessity to take steps to try to help those in need. Given the amount of time people spend in the workplace, that is where the Mind Our Workers campaign will focus. By promoting a more open approach amongst construction workers and their colleagues we hope it might reduce the number of people who feel they have no way out.”

The campaign will run all year, with the slogan 'On our sites, in our minds’.

For more on the campaign and on suicide prevention, check out the Pieta House website