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Get on board with gym etiquette

Get on board with gym etiquette

So you know how to behave at work, and you're polite on public transport. But now it's time to brush up on your gym etiquette. There's always that one person who doesn't seem to be able to play by the rules, so we've drawn up a list to make sure that person is never you. Read on to find out how to become a grade A gum bunny.

Take a towel

If you're working out than you'll probably be sweating - and if you're not then maybe it's time to start pushing a little harder. Some gyms will provide paper towels to wipe down equipment with after you've finished, but others don't so it's a good idea to take a small towel with you. Then after you've sweated your stuff on the treadmill, you'll be able to give it a quick wipe as a courtesy for the next user.

Don't litter

Don't leave rubbish around the equipment, and definitely DO NOT spit your gum out in the machine's water holders. This sounds like obvious advice, but you'd be surprised. There is nothing grosser then setting your water down into a wad of gum. There are bins for a reason, so use them people!

Put back equipment

If you're using mats, weights, kettlebells or any other piece of moveable equipment, make sure you put it back. Think how irritating it is for the next user and the gym staff to run around having to find stuff.

Warm up and stretch

Warming up and cooling down are vital parts of any work out, but make sure you pick a suitable spot to do this. Keep out of other's people's way, and avoid areas that are generally really busy.

Personal hygiene

Nobody wants to be stuck running next to the smelly person, so make sure you either have deodorant with you, or have applied liberally beforehand. Make use of the showers after your workout too! But if you are using the wet areas, it's an idea to take a pair of flip flops as foot bacteria is easily spread. This will also keep your tootsies safe too.

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