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Get a sound night's sleep this September

Get a sound night's sleep this September

It's got to the point where summer feels like a lifetime ago, especially as some of us experienced a thoroughly wet season. But as the days get shorter, and the night time stretches out in front of you, now is a good time to reacquaint yourself with your bed.

The Sleep Council have hijacked the month of September in a bid to remind everyone why sleep is so vital. Renamed Sleeptember, the organisation are drumming home the importance of a good night's slumber.

Everything from your mood to diet are affected by a bad night's rest, and people all over the world suffer symptoms like fatigue and low concentration. Staying alert at work is next to impossible when you've been up all night, and it's infuriating for your brain and body when your thoughts refuse to be quiet. Stress and worry also keep us awake, as do certain foods and drink (bed time coffee is the ultimate no no).

There are many factors that contribute to a good night's sleep, but the best place to starts is with your mattress. Hard, soft, memory, gel... the possibilities are endless, and there really is a mattress to suit everyone. One of the latest technologies to be utilised is latex, which keeps you cool while you dream. Overheating at night and night time sweats are common in both women and men and can be caused by anything, from disease to diet. The wrong mattress can also contribute to the problem, so investing in a latex design could be the answer to your sweaty problems.

Eve is one of the most exciting new names in mattresses, and uses yellow side panels as its trademark. Layers of premium memory foam are used, topped with a layer of latex which cools and gives a bit of bounce for when things start to heat up.

"By taking memory foam as the baseline and adding an innovative top layer of natural Latex, we have created a mattress that is both cooling and gives a soft 'bounce'. Both are conducive to an amazing night’s sleep," the company told Cover Media.

Silentnight, Sealy and Breasley Nulife Breeze also produce latex mattresses.

The Sleep Council also advise creating an ideal sleep environment, banishing gadgets in the bedroom and having a set routine to get a great night's snooze.

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