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Eat whole grains to live longer

Eat whole grains to live longer

Eating a daily dose of whole grains can slash your risk of dying from heart disease.

While some weight-conscious folk shun any form of carbs on a day-to-day-basis, including wholemeal bread or brown rice, it’s been found the food source actually has some amazing health benefits.

A Harvard study analysed evidence involving 800,000 adults about their dietary habits, marking the largest work of its kind.

It was found that for every 16g eaten, the risk of dying from heart disease dropped by nine per cent. Furthermore, the risk of dying from cancer fell by five per cent and death by other long term illness by seven per cent.

Adults who consumed three portions of whole grains a day (totalling 48g) saw their likeliness of dying from heart disease slashed by 25 per cent, cancer 14 per cent and other illnesses 20 per cent.

The results have been published in the American Heart Association, with lead author Dr Qi Sun asking health officials to change their guidelines on whole grains, which are often missed off of official eating plans.

"Previous studies have suggested an association with consumption of whole grains and reduced risk of developing a multitude of chronic diseases that are among the top causes of deaths, although data linking wholegrain intake and mortality were less consistent," he said.

Dr Sun adds that those following a low carb diet should think about introducing wholemeal alternatives to stay healthy.

Aside from bread and rice varieties, oat cakes, rye crispbreads, wholemeal tortilla wraps, wholewheat pasta, muesli and even Weetabix are all excellent sources. Some whole grain foods can contain sugar and salt, but the long term benefits are so positive they should still be included into the diet. They also contain far less fat than the non whole grain alternatives like white bread and pasta.

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