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Doggie workout ideas

Doggie workout ideas

Finding the time to workout can be hard, especially if you're not feeling that motivated. If you have a dog there is no excuse though, after all you can't leave your pooch vegging around on the couch all day. A study by Michigan State University found that people with dogs are over a third more likely to get 150 minutes of exercise a week than those who don't, which is probably not that surprising given all the walkies you'll be going on.

But what if you and Fido are tired of pounding the pavement? Well then it could be time to get creative, because there are loads of activities your faithful hound will love even more than walking.


OK so it's not a drastic departure, but it's surprising how few dog owners take their pet on a jog. If that's you, you're missing a trick. Pooches adapt to running very quickly, meaning they will soon get used to your speed and push you to go harder - and further. It's great exercise for them and you, just remember if it's hot your pal will need a break because dogs don't sweat like humans.


If it's good enough for Amanda Seyfried, it's good enough for us. The Hollywood star has been pictured paddling her hound Finn around a lake, so why not give it a go? If your dog is confused to start advises scooting around on your knees first, as it'll be easier to balance. Also get a canine-sized life jacket just in case you both take a spill!


This is the one for those dogs who are best described as "energetic". The ones who are still raring to go even when you've just come back from the park. You'll be amazed how much they enjoy tearing along next to you as you cycle around - especially when you mix things up with sprints and a steadier pace.

Dog yoga

We're not making it up, this is a real thing. You'll spend much of your time helping your hound stretch, plus there'll be some poses for him or her to help you with too. You might even get to do a little massage! It's not the most energetic of workouts granted, but it's always nice to spend some relaxed time with your furry best friend.

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