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Tired of being exhausted

Tired of being exhausted

Dear Karen,

I am 28 years-old and due to get married later in the year. I seem to be quite tired all the time?

Do I need to see my GP?


What an exciting year for you!

Having said that, it can also be a stressful time.

It is difficult to know where to start here, I guess the first thing to do is to look to see what you have going on at the moment?

Are you working and if so are you particularly busy?

Are there any other stressors/worries in your life at present, financial concerns; relationship concerns or issues with extended family? Another key question is how long have you been tired and were there any change in your circumstances over that time period?

There may be some possible answers to your tiredness here.

Do you have any other symptoms- unexplained weight loss; night sweats; frequency of urination; change of bowel habit etc.?

Do you have any pre-existing conditions and are they giving you any trouble currently?

Have you or any other family members been treated for depression? Is your mood low; are you tearful with difficulty concentrating? Is your mood worse in the morning?

A chat with your GP followed by a relevant physical exam and baseline bloods may help put your mind at rest. Chances are that you are simply over busy or some other simple explanation.