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Pain in my groin has stopped me from running… what is it?

Doctor KarenBy Dr. Karen Palmer
Pain in my groin has stopped me from running… what is it?

Dear Karen

I (32) have stopped running because I am getting a pain in my groin. Any suggestions?

KAREN SAYS: You need a careful exam to check out spinal and hip movements and to check the groin for inguinal hernias or enlarged lymph glands. A plain film of the pelvis may be helpful to outrule any minor fractures. Your GP will decide on the referral pathway. He/she may suggest a course of physiotherapy, an MRI for further imaging if early hernias are suspected or even a general surgical outpatient appointment for further assessment.

It can happen that ongoing lower back stiffness can cause referred pain to the groin, and physiotherapy can certainly helped sort that out.


Should I be worried about inflammation?

Dear Karen

My son (5) got booster vaccines in school and his upper arm is totally inflamed down to the elbow. Is this normal?

KAREN SAYS: The shots  are the Diptheria/Tetanus booster and the Measles Mumps Rubella booster. The reaction you describe is not normal. It is an infection secondary to the injection or a reaction to the tetanus vaccine (it can cause that reaction).

I advise parents that they can expect a local reaction to a vaccine up to the size of a euro coin, but to come back if the reaction is bigger than that.

You need follow-up care straight away, either with the school vaccination service or your GP. An antihistamine taken orally will help settle the reaction to the tetanus vaccine and /or an antibiotic will help settle a local infection.