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Is it safe to travel with baby with temperature?

TRAVEL WORRIES: Tot has a temperature
TRAVEL WORRIES: Tot has a temperature

Dear Karen

Our 13-month-old developed a temperature in crèche. We are due to travel on holidays. What would you suggest?

KAREN SAYS: Is your child eating and drinking? Is (s)he well hydrated with  five wet nappies during the day? Is the temp responding to Calpol or Brufen? How is her form?

Trust your gut instinct. If there are worrying signs - a temperature difficult to control, a rash, cold hands and feet, dehydration, irritability, rapid breathing, limpness or lethargy - get your child checked out.

If the temperature is well controlled by Calpol, fluids and stripping down, wait 24 hours and see if this settles. If things deteriorates you will need to go to your GP. If (s)he has a temperature, it’s best not to travel.The exertion could make it worse.


Dear Karen

I’m 38 and have been having central chest discomfort. My dad (78) recently had a heart attack. Should I worry?

KAREN SAYS: Is it in the centre of the chest or does it radiate up into the jaw or down the left arm? Is it brought on by exertion?Or eating? Are there palpitations?

Are you  smoker, overweight, have high blood pressure... or has there been change in your lifestyle - stresses in work, at home, with finances or family.

Put a hand in the area where you are having the discomfort - if there is tenderness it is more likely musculo-skeletal pain (caused by tension or poor posture). My instinct is that this is not cardiac pain, but you need to see a GP as a priority.