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Inhaler concerns

Inhaler concerns

I HAVE a medical card and my 12-year-old girl seems to be running out of her blue inhaler every month. Is there a problem getting two inhalers a month?

KAREN SAYS: The aim of treatment is to control the symptoms for your daughter. 

This means:

  • No day symptoms.
  • l No night awakening due to asthma.
  • l Noflare-ups.
  • l No limitations onactivity, including exercise.

Your daughter should not need two blue (ventolin/salbutamol) inhalers a month.

Clearly the control of her asthma is not good and she needs a steroid inhaler.

The steroid inhaler has an anti-inflammatory effect and although she won’t feel any immediate benefit, it should reduce her requirement for the quick fix or “reliever” blue inhaler.

You need your GP to reassess the management of her asthma as it is not properly controlled.