May 24th, 2015

Doctor Karen

Some e-cig users are still smoking

E-cig users are still lighting up

Danger of teen’s school lunches

Boost for organ awareness plan

Regulations: This was the first time the sunbed industry was regulated by law

The dark side to sunbeds: New regulations on tanning come into effect

Diabetics pump for no needles

Eating out? Order a small portion if out having a high calorie dinner

Yes, portion size matters

My son has developed plantar fasciitis, what is this?

Gerry Collins

Gerry lives on in lives he saved

My baby daughter was hospitalised with pneumonia

Dear Karen: How do I know if this is serious?

This is the first time the smoking rate has dropped below the 20 per cent barrier

Smoking a higher risk for the poor

Inhaler concerns

I have a medical card and my 12-year-old girl seems to be running out of her blue inhaler every month. Is there a problem getting two inhalers a month?

Changes to the childhood vaccination schedule

Is sickness a tummy bug, or something worse

Weight is a breeding ground for cancer