September 3rd, 2015

Doctor Karen

Recent figures from the National Cancer Registry of Ireland 2,863 people were diagnosed with breast cancer

How to reduce your breast cancer risk

Is my tiredness a symptom of something bigger?

I have trouble with tiredness in the past months, should I see my GP?

Would you recommend the Meningitis B shot for newborns?

Would you recommend the Meningitis B shot for my newborn?

The flu vaccine is a life-saver

Flu vaccines are not to be sniffed at

Are there any over the counter remedies?

My teenage daughter has very painful periods

Are there any over-the-counter remedies?

shutter head cold.JPG

She's hot and bothered by constant cold

Getting a proper plan in place to manage asthma

Emergency hospital admissions for children with asthma increase significantly in the month of September, and the Asthma Society of Ireland is providing training and support free of charge to help parents and |teachers