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Diet dilemmas busted

Diet dilemmas busted

You might be a slave to spin and practise #eatingclean or you could be like us and have a moderate gym frequency and generally keep an eye on what you eat; either way, there are certain diet myths we bet you buy into. Like thinking your body needs sugar when you crave something sweet? Or a smoothie's made of fruit - it's got to be healthy, right? Read on to see where you might be going wrong.

Listening to your body is a healthy thing to do and includes everything from your gut instinct to stopping eating when you feel full. But in the case of craving something sweet and reaching for the biscuit tin, it's time to rethink.

"Your body can convert anything into glucose — so just eat some cashews already!" recommends Mind Body Green. "You might be surprised to find that low-glycemic snacks like nuts, cheese, or hummus will curb the cravings and keep you fuller longer.

"On the other hand, when we turn to high-glycemic foods such as bagels, chips, pretzels, and sweets, we keep the craving cycle going."

Next up is the smoothie debate - to drink, or not to drink? Well, researchers and experts say step away from the juicer as the drink is a "health halo" - or a trick, which looks healthy but can do damage. This is because the heavy use of fruits means sugar levels are sky high. Dried fruits also fall into the same bracket. If you're a real fruity, just eat pieces whole, as you'll be getting more fibre content which can slow down the digestion on the natural sugars.

Indulging after exercise is another grey area many of us are guilty of. While it makes sense to have a treat on days you exercise rather than rest days, going mad after the gym should be avoided. The thought of a bite of chocolate may spur you during your run, but realistically you probably didn't burn off as much as you thought you did during that session. Sorry. In fact, a recent study found out that people can estimate four times the number of calories they actually worked off! Treating yourself is fine, but don't undo the good work you just sweated your butt off for.

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