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Coconut water: Your new favourite drink

Coconut water: Your new favourite drink

You don't have to be sat on an exotic beach to enjoy a cool cup of coconut water - in fact, you'll find it in supermarkets and high street stores all year round. With so many benefits you'd be a fool not to incorporate the beverage into your diet. Here are just some of the perks of coconut water.

It may taste rich, but coconut water is actually extremely low in calories. With around 40 calories per eight ounces, and at 95 per cent water, you needn't feel guilty about gulping down a big glass to rehydrate.

And in the winter, when you're more prone to colds and flu, coconut water is a great go-to drink as it's packed full of antioxidants. Free radicals, produced by the body's metabolism, cause damage and with more antioxidants you can fight them off easier.

The pros don't stop there, as there's also potassium in this magical drink. We all know bananas are crammed with the stuff, with one medium fruit giving you around nine per cent of your daily needs. If you're not a fan of the banana, coconut water gives you the same - if not more - amount of potassium and won't leave you feeling thirsty after.

As it boosts your muscles, brain and nervous system, you should definitely make sure potassium is a big part of your diet. Magnesium makes the list too, and this element boosts energy levels, so it may be better to reach for some coconut water rather than a coffee throughout the day.

Cytokines, a large group of proteins, have anti-ageing qualities and have been linked to slowing down the growth rate of cancerous cells, and these can be found in the drink.

Lastly - and perhaps one of the best perks for those who enjoy a drink on a Friday night - it helps ease hangovers. It's known to settle your stomach and will replace all the nutrients lost from sickness caused by booze.

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