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Cereal is ultimate breakfast hero

Cereal is ultimate breakfast hero

Forget any bad jokes about 'cereal killers' - the breakfast food might actually do the opposite and save your life. In fact, a new study claims porridge, whole grains and cereal fibres could all reduce the risk of premature death.

Research carried out by the Harvard Public School of Health recommends a diet rich in wheat, oats and quinoa, claiming it can protect against diabetes, cancer and heart and respiratory disease.

According to the findings, eating an average of 34g of whole grains a day was associated with a 17 per cent reduced risk of premature death, 11 per cent reduced risk of death by respiratory disease and 48 per cent reduction in risk of diabetes.

This was the case even when factors such as levels of physical activity and health were the same.

"Our study indicates that intake of whole grains and cereal fibre may reduce the risk of all-cause mortality and death from chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease," Associate Professor of Nutrition Dr Lu Qi said.

The study involved 367,442 participants, who were followed for an average of 14 years.

If you want to wash that healthy breakfast down with a nice hot cup of tea though, you might want to think twice.

A University of London study found that 40 per cent of tea drinkers don't let it brew for the recommended two minutes, which means they consume the beverage when it's still very hot. This in turn could weaken or damage blood vessels in your nose, making you more prone to bleeds.

Instead, let your cuppa sit for around four minutes after it was poured before you drink it.

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