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Bring mindfulness into your day

Bring mindfulness into your day

The fast pace of modern life means that most of us take little time out for ourselves.

It also means we're often not aware of what is around us, and what happening in the here and now. But as we enter a new year, there’s no better time to embrace new habits and make better choices.

French model Estelle Lefebure, who has just unveiled her new book, Mindful Beauty: How to Look and Feel Great in Every Season, has shared her top tips for living a healthier life.

Estelle, 50, recommends starting your wellness journey by setting aside a few minutes each day for quiet thought or reflection.

“This is the occasion to refocus on yourself and to become more self-conscious of you but also conscious of the now,” she told Cover Media, adding that a holistic approach is key to becoming your best self. “You can’t take good care of your body if you don’t take care of your mind.”

Estelle also promotes regular meditation practice and swears just a little time each day can make a real difference to your outlook on life.

“To meditate, you only need five minutes in a quiet place. It’s a good idea to practice some breathing exercises, as this will help empty your mind of anxieties and worries,” she explained.

The fashion star, who is still considered one of the world’s most beautiful women, claims she removed the word “diet” from her vocabulary long ago, in spite of her fashion background. She also attempts to embrace clean eating, by following a plant-based diet featuring lots of fruit and vegetables which are ethically sourced. And she is adamant that eating fresh food doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

“You don’t need to spend more money to eat well and healthy. This is a myth. Products available in organic cooperatives are most often less expensive than those from commercial brands sold in the supermarket,” she added.

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