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Booking a holiday? Avoid places that make you fat

Booking a holiday? Avoid places that make you fat

With the New Year well under way many of us will be planning a future holiday as a back-to-work pick-me-up. Before you decide on your destination you might want to read on though - especially if you're trying to drop some pounds as part of a 2016 fitness regime.

A new poll has uncovered the top five places most likely to result in vacation weight gain. Top of the list is the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, with summer favourite Marmaris in Turkey taking the second spot.

Cancún in Mexico came in at number three, followed by Jamaica in the Caribbean, and Majorca in the Balearic Islands taking the fifth spot.

The survey was carried out by travel agent, with 2,328 British adults quizzed on their holiday habits. Each was asked whether they had gained weight during their most recent trip abroad, with 44 per cent admitting they had packed on the pounds. The average amount gained was 9lbs.

Surprisingly, a little over 25 per cent of people claimed to have lost weight - averaging at 6lbs. If that sounds appealing you might want to save up for a flight to New York City, which came top of the weight-loss destinations list.

Number two was Bali, Indonesia, with Phuket in Thailand coming in third. Rounding out the top five was Tenerife in the Canary Islands at number four, followed by the Italian city of Rome.

Part of the reason for the weight gain is likely to be people relaxing their regimes while on holiday. It's always tempting to eat whatever you want when in another country, and a little bit of what you fancy won't do you any harm. Do keep in mind that weight is easier to put on than lose though, and you don't want to add to your post-holiday hangover by feeling fat and frumpy. Try to stick to just a couple of treats a day and don't forget to get active - even a gentle walk along the sea front will help.

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