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Avoiding inflammation

Avoiding inflammation

Inflammation is unpleasant in all forms, from aching sinuses to a swollen ankle.

It doesn't always go away: instead of healing, sometimes inflammation can increase to become chronic or silent, leading to illnesses or weight gain.

Luckily this path can be prevented very easily with some simple lifestyle hacks. Here are ways that inflammation is triggered and how you can avoid it.

Whole grains are packed full of nutrients and fibre but in contrast, refined grains or those labelled with 'wheat' or 'wheat flour' rather than 'whole wheat' can trigger inflammation. Go for whole oats, brown rice and other similar options to keep the problem at bay.

Eating sugar has the same results, with inflammatory messengers known as cytokines released into the body to wreak havoc. Corn syrup, which is high in fructose, has similar results, with both potentially causing inflammatory health problems like heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Water should be consumed as much as possible, as it's an essential for a healthy body. Without enough of it, metabolism slows, cellular function reduces and every organ, from the skin to the heart, can be affected. Joint aches are common in these situations, as is weight gain, so drinking plenty of the clear stuff a day will keep everything working as it should.

Everyone knows that huge amounts of processed food are no good, partially because they can cause inflammation. It's one of the reasons many people get overweight and/or sick, so they shouldn't be tucked into on a regular basis. Keep clean with fresh, healthy produce whenever you can to prevent irritation and swelling.

Include leafy greens in every meal possible, as they are stuffed full of anti-inflammatory properties.

Of course it isn't all down to food - fitness plays a big part too. Exercise helps the joints move with ease, promotes healthy cell function and raises heart rate, all of which staves off inflammation.

Follow these simple tips and you should stay inflammation free!

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