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Anxious people have “higher risk of dementia”

Anxious people have “higher risk of dementia”

Anxious people are far more likely to develop dementia in old age, according to a new study.

The ground-breaking research was conducted on 1,082 identical and non-identical twins over the past 28-years.

According to the study the twin with a history of high levels of anxiety was more likely to develop dementia.

In fact, the research found that anxious people were a whopping 48-per-cent more likely to develop the degenerative mental condition.

Previous studies had linked dementia with depression and neuroticism, but this is the first study to establish a connection between anxiety and dementia.

Research leader Dr Andrew Petkus said: “Anxiety, especially in older adults, has been relatively understudied compared to depression.”

“Depression seems more evident in adulthood, but it’s usually episodic. Anxiety, though, tends to be a chronic lifelong problem and that’s why people tend to write off anxiety as part of someone’s personality.”

Study co-author Margaret Gatz said: The subjects with anxiety who later develop dementia are people that experience more than usual symptoms of anxiety. They are fidgety, frantic, frazzled people.”

One possible explanation is that fretful people have more stress.