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Almost every Irish person projected to be fat by 2030

Put down that burger
Put down that burger

A report by the World Health Organisation says that 90 per cent of us will have weight problems in 15 years.

The study, which looked at the looming problem of obesity in Europe, found that Ireland was projected to be one of the fattest countries in the world by 2030.

It said that by 2030 they estimated that 89 per cent of Irish men and 85 per cent of Irish women will have weight problems.

They also predicted that 57 per cent of Irish women and 48 per cent of Irish men will be deemed obese by the same year.

The figures are based on trends discovered between 2010 and 2014 in 53 WHO countries and if they continued at the same rate, the situation in Ireland by 2030 would be a true crisis.

In fact, Ireland are projected to be joint top of the male 'fat' league table by 2030, tied with Uzbekistan.

Irish women will only be 'beaten' by Belgium and Bulgaria if current trends continue up to 2030.

Many countries in the study face similar looming problems but it does seem that we are one of the most at threat. For example, the UK figures say that 73 per cent of men and 63 per cent of women there are set for weight problems by 2030.

Overweight is deemed having a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 25 and obese is defined as having a BMI over 30.