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Add cottage cheese to end diet rut

Add cottage cheese to end diet rut

When you're on a diet, it can be hard to think of new dishes that are fun but fit within your calorie restrictions. If you're running out of ideas fast, it's time to incorporate cottage cheese into your meals!

There are countless benefits to this dairy product: it's packed with protein, is a natural source of vitamin B12, has 18 per cent of your daily recommended calcium intake and 48 per cent of your daily recommended phosphorus intake.

One hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese comes in at around 72 calories and contains 1g of fat. Not only is it a healthy addition to a balanced diet, it's also incredibly versatile.

If you find it hard to ditch snacking and need regular meals to keep your blood sugar stable, cottage cheese should definitely feature in your mini meals. It's a great substitute for a dip and can be used for dunking carrot and cucumber sticks. Add seasoning if you find the taste on its own a bit bland.

You can also start the day with cottage cheese by incorporating it into your breakfast. It makes a good low-fat spread for wholemeal toast or you can create a tasty parfait. Simply scoop a serving into a bowl and top with fruit, honey and chopped nuts. As it's so high in protein, it will give you energy for the day and help you to feel fuller for longer.

Finally, cottage cheese can also be the perfect way to round off your meal. You don't have to ditch the desserts completely if you simply make healthier switches. Cottage cheese makes a great low-fat topping for cheesecake or can be whipped up with cocoa and honey for a sweet, mousse-like treat. It also works a treat with cantaloupe melon; scoop out the fruit's innards and fill with cottage cheese. The flavours complement each other and it's very filling.

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