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A guide to gluten-free

A guide to gluten-free

Coeliac disease means your small intestine is overly sensitive to gluten, which leads to discomfort and difficulty digesting food. Sufferers needn't miss out on tasty treats though as there are plenty of ways to create classics with gluten-free ingredients.


Because of the flour included in pasta it can wreak havoc on your intestine so as much as you'd love to have it, it's not worth the risk! There are so many noodles you can substitute to make a tasty spaghetti bolognaise, such as those made from rice. Thin versions are referred to as vermicelli and thicker ones can be called ribbons - it may as well be pasta!

Or if you fancy a lighter, healthier option, use a spiraliser on courgette to make courgettey. It's so easy to cook, just stir fry lightly and serve with sauce!


There are gluten free options out there luckily, as with most foods, but if you want to make a yummy burger which is guilt free replace the bun with lettuce leaves. Iceberg or Romain are sturdy enough to hold in a filling and you could use these for tacos or wraps too. And if you think about it, the contents of the above are the main deal rather than the stocky bread. Or use corn tortillas, as tasty as traditional ones without the gluten, and if you feel brave enough make your own bread with rice flour!


You shouldn't reach for a packet of crisps from the shop as some of the seasoning and ingredients include gluten. To ensure none sneaks in, making your own is a safe bet. All you need to do is thinly chop some potato (or up the stakes with sweet potato) and pop them in the microwave in a single layer in a dish. Season as you like then enjoy!

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