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10 Top Tips to win at sleep

10 Top Tips to win at sleep

What happens when James Kavanagh gets people into bed… and teaches them how to win at sleep?

IKEA let Snapchat star James Kavanagh have free rein in their Dublin store recently to find out the nation’s bedroom habits as part of its Wonderful Everynight campaign which focuses on sleep as an essential element of our well-being.

It’s hard to have a wonderful day, if you didn’t have a wonderful night and IKEA is helping people win at sleep with some smart tips and the latest products from their new bedroom ranges.


1. Warm up to wind down. Try a hot bath before you hit the hay.

2. Potassium helps you sleep through the night. So bust out a banana before bed.

3. The blue light from your phone reduces the hormone that helps you sleep. Drop that mobile and get 40 winks.

4. Being too cold or too hot can wake you in the night. Match your duvet to the season; bulk up for winter, slim down for summer.

5. Earn yourself a 5 minute lie in. Prep your outfit the night before.

6. Foam or sprung? Find the right mattress for you, so an achy back won’t throw you off you sleep game.

7. Rotate the thermostat to the right temperature if you want a comfortable night’s sleep. 18-22 degrees is a winner.

8. Reading helps you switch off from your day. So lie down and get reading!

9. Caffeine can throw your sleep rhythm, so after 2pm swap regular tea or coffee for decaf or chamomile.

10. Get your head in the zone with the right pillow, that way you won’t wake up with a creek in your neck!

IKEA believe that sleep shouldn’t be scrimped on or left to chance. Just like an athlete can beat their personal best, sleepers can improve their bedtime performance. All it takes is a little preparation and the right kit. This year IKEA are on a mission to get us all to raise our game at bedtime.  So we can win at sleeping.

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