October 27th, 2016


One in five don’t brush teeth at the weekend

Bright light boosts levels of the male hormone testosterone and increases sexual satisfaction

Switched on; bright lights may help men perform better in bed

Beer lowers sexual inhibitions

If the thought of weekend drinking seems like a distant memory this Monday morning, let us remind you of some of the joys that come from an ice cold pint of beer. First off it’s refreshing, especially if you’re lucky enough to be sinking it in the sun. It can also help you relax and unwind, and the latest research suggests beer helps people feel more confident about sex.

E-cigarette use linked to successful attempts to quit smoking

Married type 2 diabetes sufferers less likely to be overweight

Why you really do need eight hours of sleep

High factor sunscreen use cuts risk of skin cancer

Wearing high factor sunscreen can cut your risk of melanoma skin cancer by a third, a new study claims.

Hour-long daily nap linked to type 2 diabetes

Watching TV with partner can improve relationships

Many parents making errors with kids' liquid medicines

Many parents are giving their children too much or too little liquid medicine, researchers report.