January 17th, 2017


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People consuming nuts daily less likely to develop fatal conditions

Banishing Sunday fear

Drinking too much water when ill can be harmful

Advising people to "drink plenty of fluids" when unwell could be dangerous, doctors warn.

Want to live a long life? Take up tennis

How to curb your hangover

Young people leading busier lives than over 40s

Three cups of coffee a day keeps dementia away

As well as perking us up in the morning and keeping us alert through the day, your daily coffee caffeine fix could be helping to ward of dementia.

Skin contact between babies and mothers aids breastfeeding

Lack of sleep hampers children’s brain development

Patients at risk as GPs are overworked

Nine out of ten family doctors in England feel unable to offer safe care to patients because of mounting workloads, new data suggests.