September 26th, 2016


Festival hacks

Cancer doesn’t affect the frequency of your sex life

Unhealthy habits shave years of lifespan

Whether your naughty indulgence is a sneaky cigarette, a large glass of red or skipping the gym to binge watch your favourite TV shows, one thing’s for sure; we’ve all been there. But new research from Canada has shown our unhealthy habits can shave years off of our life expectancy.

Cold and flu more likely to strike in the mornings

Ditching just one fizzy drink can help obesity crisis

Keep your marriage fresh and full of love

Make Mondays motivational

Not many people out there claim to love Mondays, but there are a few simple tricks you can do to make the day a little sweeter. Instead of being in the I Hate Mondays frame of mind, alter your thoughts with a little Monday motivation.

Out of hours work emails damaging family life

Many children’s heart health not meeting standards

Want a better memory? Try eating a Mediterranean diet

Eating a Mediterranean diet can improve your mind, as well as your heart, new research has found.