May 27th, 2017


Back to basics

Strawberries may cut breast cancer risk

Cycling slashes risk of cancer, heart disease and early death

Experts insist a commute via cycling could give a person a 45 per cent less chance of developing the illness, as well as a 46 per cent lower threat of heart disease. They also indicate a 41 per cent lower chance of dying prematurely from anything.

Compound found in cannabis could treat drop seizures

Eat fat to get thin

Master the intermittent fasting diets

Eye drops may be the way to overcome jet lag

Eye drops could be the key to beating jet lag.

Being overweight or underweight ups the risk of migraines

Eat better to live longer

Ditching hospital PJs ‘leads to speedy recovery’

Keeping active and dressing in every day clothes can help speed up recovery while in hospital, experts claim.