March 27th, 2017


Vitamin D supplements ‘can prevent colds and flu’

Three years of pollen medication can curb hay fever symptoms

Menopause + exercise = reduced symptoms

Going through the menopause, or know someone that is? Then you’ll be more than familiar with some of the biggest side effects of “the changes”, especially the king of all menopause symptoms; hot flushes.

Children at risk of brain damage from heading footballs

Married people have lower levels of stress hormone

Saying ‘thank you’ can help fend off depression

Nicotine exposure linked to hearing problems in children

Nicotine exposure during and after pregnancy can cause hearing problems in children, research claims.

Smoking during pregnancy 'could damage child's hearing'

Keith Kelly in the video

Dublin man's Trainspotting-inspired speech on men's mental health

Fish oil may help relieve asthma symptoms in adults

Healthy oils found in cold water fish and fish oil supplements can help fight asthma, researchers claim.