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Zuhair Murad: 'Cannes was crazy!'

Zuhair Murad: 'Cannes was crazy!'

Zuhair Murad was overwhelmed after dressing 38 celebrities at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

The Lebanese fashion designer has become a firm A-list favourite with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Jada Pinkett Smith regularly turning to him for some show stopping glamour.

However the celebrity love became a little too hard to handle at the annual French film celebration in May, with Murad joking he had to put his foot down with his client list.

“Cannes was unbelievable this year: we dressed 38 celebrities for the red carpet. Every day three, four, five minimum; I said no, I don’t want to see any more, please stop,” he smiled to

Alessandra Ambrosio and Elle Fanning are among those who wore his designs.

Thanks to his burgeoning celebrity following, Murad’s sales have shot up. The designer concedes that celebrity influence has changed the way people view fashion, and despite the positive influence it has, A-list endorsement comes with its own set of problems.

“Haute couture is not the same as it was 30, 40 or 50 years ago,” he explained. “Today it has... another mentality because of social media and the celebrities. It is totally different.”

“(Customers want the new collections) now and don’t understand that we still have to produce the collection. That, unfortunately, is the problem with social media."

Murad is one of a growing number of designers to come out of the Middle East, and credits his upbringing with influencing his clothes. Growing up, the atelier constantly had a pen in his hand, ready to sketch any ideas he had, and says his penchant for intricate embroidery has always been a part of his aesthetic.

“It is part of our history: when you look at Turkish, Palestinian and Arab-style fashion, all have a tradition of embroidery,” he said.

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