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Zucchelli: Calvin Klein is a legend

Zucchelli: Calvin Klein is a legend

Italo Zucchelli praises Calvin Klein for "changing his life".

The Italian designer has been the men's creative director of Calvin Klein Collection for over a decade, receiving the offer from the eponymous designer himself before he left his brand.

It's been a whirlwind journey for Zucchelli, who praises Klein's influence on him during their time working together, which followed a stint at Jil Sander.

“I knew fashion was my passion. [Calvin Klein is] a living legend and in my opinion, a genius. I worked with him for three years and learned a lot from him. He’s my mentor. He changed my life," the fashion star gushed to WWD.

“It was interesting for me to see how the same aesthetic could be translated in a very European, conceptual, arty way from her [Jil Sander] and a very American, immediate, to-the-point way from him. There are a lot of similarities, but the way it’s expressed is different, and what I do is a mixture of both.”

Zucchelli has now formed his own recognisable aesthetic, using fabrics such as PVC and Neoprene for his designs. Ahead of designing the label's collections he travels around the globe, taking in the sights of cities like Berlin and Tokyo for inspiration.

He sees his chosen textiles as a reflection of what the future holds for the industry.

“I think fashion is supposed to move forward so the fascination I’ve always had with fabrics and materials can help push a new message,” he added. “Fabrics represent the soul of the clothes. I like to push with innovation and that’s what the materials have always been for me."

Zucchelli has stayed true to Calvin Klein's casting methods, choosing "strong, masculine" men to model the clothing. The same goes for his outlook on celebrities.

“I like handsome guys like Bradley [Cooper] and Alex [Skarsgård], people who can really represent what I do in the best way - the athleticism, the Americanism. But at the same time, I also like characters like Jared Leto," the designer noted.

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