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Zoe Kravitz always wanted to be 'natural and silly looking'

Zoe Kravitz always wanted to be 'natural and silly looking'

Zoe Kravitz has always wanted to be "natural and silly looking".

The 27-year-old actress and singer has revealed ever since she was a child she has had a "rebellious spirit", which made her not want to look "perfect" all the time, and led her to adopt a "low maintenance" beauty and hair care regime.

Speaking about her daily routine, the brunette beauty said: "When I was younger, I had this incredibly rebellious spirit. I just wanted to be natural and silly-looking and not appear perfect all the time--because it's a lot of pressure, you know? On the red carpet everyone started to look the same, like a Barbie doll, and it made me really uncomfortable.

"So I think I was just about claiming, 'OK, if I'm going to be a part of this world, I want to do it in my own way.' But I think I've found a way to feel comfortable, looking like I put effort into the way I look, and still feel like I'm being myself.

"My braids are really low-maintenance so I use very little hair product. This has a nice scent and is good for freshening everything up."

The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star - who was announced as Yves Saint Laurent's beauty muse earlier this year - has admitted she doesn't wear any foundation but uses the luxury brand's Touche Eclat to "brighten" her face.

She explained: "I don't wear foundation on a daily basis so this is just wonderful for highlighting and covering. It brightens without looking like you're going out-out.

"If I'm eating too much sugar or not sleeping enough, I see it in my skin."

And will adorn a bold lip colour when she wants to make "a statement".

She told InStyle Online: "When I want to make a statement with lip color, I go for a red, burgundy, or nude. In a bold, matte finish, it's always classic."