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Zimmermann's bikinis banish muffin top

Zimmermann's bikinis banish muffin top

The design duo behind Zimmermann get their team to try on new swimwear to make sure it doesn’t cause muffin tops.

Sisters Simone and Nicky Zimmermann created their brand in Australia in 1991, and it has since become an international hit, showing biannually at New York Fashion Week. They’ve also recently designed their fourth capsule collection for Net-A-Porter, celebrating 10 years of working with the fashion site.

As well as sleek evening styles and flawless day looks, the Sydney-based label also offers beachwear. The two women understand the importance of both looking and feeling good in a bikini, so try to ensure their customers are comfortable when they flaunt the flesh.

“How you feel in it is everything for us,” Nicky told Britain’s Evening Standard newspaper. “With the girls in the design team, I’m always like ‘Get in the bathroom and try it on. It is too tight? Have you got muffin top?’”

The siblings also know that looking good as you laze on the beach or by the pool is down to more than just a bikini. Accordingly Zimmermann also offer chic beach dresses, as Nicky declares beachwear is no longer about having one nice bikini.

“Now you need the right hat, the shoes and the jewellery too. There’s been a real shift,” she stated.

“We understand that when you’re on the beach it’s the most naked (hopefully) you ever are in public, and you’ve got to help people look their absolute best. You go to the beach with a basket and a great dress and it sets the tone - it can make your day.”

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