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Zandra Rhodes: My unique outlook

Zandra Rhodes: My unique outlook

Zandra Rhodes prefers to create one-off garments, even if it means people don't like them.

The British fashionista is just as famed for her quirky clothes as she is for her unique appearance, referencing her bright pink hair in her fuchsia Spring/Summer 16 line during London Fashion Week. While not everyone may appreciate her ornamental pieces, Zandra would rather stay true to her aesthetic than please the masses.

“I’ve done very individual clothes, which means that sometimes everyone wants them, and sometimes they don’t want them at all," she told Vanity Fair. "And so you just have to hope that you keep coming in and out. I mean, as an artist, you always hope that people want your work. You always hope that people can look at it and go, 'I want that memory on my wall.' Because if they don’t, what pretences are you under?”

Her Fashion Week show was ultra feminine, with models strutting in floaty skirts and dresses with bold fuchsia prints. It marked Zandra's first public presentation at the bi-annual event since 2006 and caused her to reminisce about how the industry has changed since she first started out in the '60s.

“Oh, it’s much more cutthroat now,” she mused. “It’s lost the arty touch. But I don’t know that that’s terrible, it’s just different.”

She sees herself as an artist working with textiles and fashion and has a method she follows when designing. She draws clothing, then imagines how her sketch would look on a body before testing it out.

“I’d probably draw a new kind of flower out and then I’d walk around with a piece of paper on me and look in the mirror and see - ‘Does that flower do what I want it to do?’” she smiled.

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