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Zandra Rhodes: 'Laugh all you want - I don't notice'

Zandra Rhodes: 'Laugh all you want - I don't notice'

Zandra Rhodes' thick skin keeps shields her from people's nasty comments.

The British designer has been brightening up the fashion scene since the swinging '60s with her flamboyant and quirky creations. Her own appearance is hard to ignore too, thanks to her bright pink hair and bold make-up, and she doesn't care what others think of her aesthetic.

"Fashion is an industry, even though it just looks like icing on the cake. It gives life and spice to all of our lives", she told "If people laughed at what I looked like I didn't pay it any attention because I have thick skin. My mother was also a rock who always encouraged me. As a designer you have to accept that the world does not always agree with what you do."

Her unique pieces haven't gone unnoticed by famous names and she counts late stars Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Rivers and Britain's Princess Diana as clients. Zandra is keen to design for royalty once more and has her eye on the younger generation of the family.

"Kate (Duchess of Cambridge) is a beautiful woman and what could be more wonderful than her in a classic Zandra Rhodes dress," the fashionista said, adding a big Hollywood star to her list of dream customers. "Salma Hayek is a gorgeous star that I admire for her lead role in the Frida Kahlo film. She needs the drama that a Zandra Rhodes dress could give her.

"Having the opportunity to design garments for people like Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury was wonderful – when you suddenly see someone wearing something, and you think 'Oh, well that's another person that believed in it!'"

Zandra keeps trends and big occasions in mind when designing her collections, with one particular music event playing a big part in things.

"I think we've linked it (the latest line) very closely to the whole Coachella festival and the idea of a new young audience, or maybe the mothers of that young audience," she added.

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