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Zandra Rhodes: 'I want my work to go on living forever'

Zandra Rhodes: 'I want my work to go on living forever'

Zandra Rhodes hopes her work is similar to The Beatles' music in that it will stay with customers forever.

The English designer, known for her silk printed clothes, has recently released her second capsule collection for Matches Fashion, titled Archive II Collection.

Talking to the fashion retailer in a behind-the-scenes video, the 76-year-old dished on how she views her wardrobe offerings.

"I like to think my work is like the most wonderful Beatles songs, they stay there with you forever," she stated. "Sometimes you want to play them all the time, sometimes you put them away and get them out again."

The new Matches line features silk dresses, jumpsuits, and blouses, with motifs spanning from lipsticks to lilies.

Zandra shares that's she proud of the fact she has one of the last few printing tables in London and doesn't intend to part with it anytime soon.

And while she favours hand printing for her clothes, she insists there's room for all techniques in fashion.

"I don't think there is a right or wrong to technique provided that as a designer you do the best that you can for each technique and that every woman puts on a dress and feels great," she smiled.

"I start with the theme of the print often, because I decide what I'm particularly drawn to. I don't think hand printing is necessarily better, it's what I was brought up to design for.

"I love to think of them (my designs), possibly, when people aren't wearing them, they hang them up on the wall as a picture in themselves. They're a living work of art."

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