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Zach Miko: 'Weight trolls can't bring me down'

Zach Miko: 'Weight trolls can't bring me down'

IMG’s first plus-size model Zach Miko is blown away by the reaction to his signing.

For decades models have mostly been waif thin, but the likes of Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley have paved the way for women with different body shapes to forge a career in fashion.

Now the men are getting involved too, starting with 6'6" Zach. The model marks the first signing to prestigious model agency IMG’s new Brawn Division.

“I have been super lucky to have the best supporters in the world. The outpouring of love from strangers and fans have been incredible,” he beamed to Teen Vogue magazine. “And I’m so proud of the support that I have received from the Body Positive community, it is so important to me to be a part of that conversation. There are always some trolls and the occasional mean article, but I am very blessed in the loyalty of my supporters, it seems like every one person who pops up to say something rude, I have 10 people jumping up to shut them down.”

Zach, who boasts a 40-inch waist, has previously modelled for Target and menswear brand BadRhino. Since news of his IMG signing broke, the model has featured in countless editorials for esteemed fashion publications like Vogue and WWD.

Despite the fashion world welcoming him with open arms, the 26-year-old still can't believe it's all real.

“I was thrilled! I was humbled, honoured, excited, grateful, and I didn’t quite believe it,” he laughed of sighing with the new agency. “My wife and I danced in our living room and I called my mom and dad immediately.

“It’s not just my career either, this marks true change in the fashion industry. It makes something accessible for people who it was out of reach for so long. Sometimes I can’t believe it. I’m still waiting for people to jump out of the closet and say ‘Gotchya!’”

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