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Zac Posen: Designing's like cooking

Zac Posen: Designing's like cooking

Zac Posen compares eveningwear to dessert.

The American designer has a passion for fashion, but he's also a keen foodie. So much so that he often posts photos of his edible creations on Instagram with the hashtag #CookingwithZac, and he's also designed a label for a limited edition bottle of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio wine.

For Zac, cooking a meal and creating a piece of clothing require a similar technique.

"You have to start with good ingredients: good fabrics and good materials, a clear concept and the flow of it," he explained to "A composition-flavour and taste, it's like how a garment feels and wears. Then your dessert is your eveningwear."

Another thing the two pastimes have in common is the guilty pleasures they offer. When it comes to food, Zac can't resist Nordic, European salty liquorice and bread, particularly the French variety pain d'epice.

On the topic of his fashion weaknesses, the stylish star is more mesmerised by accessories than anything else.

"I love JAR jewellery. I collect antique, estate and fine jewellery pretty seriously. I work with different estate vendors all over the country," he gushed. "I'm obsessed with closures in jewellery, especially in terms of just the beginning of industrialism in jewellery; it's sort of early mechanics. Sometimes I think of enlarging them through clothing. I feel very fortunate that I make everything I wear head to toe every day."

Zac's confident in his garments, but not so much in the kitchen. When asked what food he loves to eat but would never cook himself he named ribs, insisting it's his dad's "domain" with his traditional St. Louis recipe.

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