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Yoshiyuki Miyamae aids fashion transitions

Yoshiyuki Miyamae aids fashion transitions

Issey Miyake designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae wants to aid buyers' fashion "transitions" by helping them dress for anything they have planned.

The fashion star heads up the popular Japanese label, which was founded by 77-year-old Issey. Yoshiyuki has learnt a lot from the designer and now knows exactly what he wants to offer the label's customers.

"Just to give you an example, what you put on in the morning really affects the way you feel," he explained to "So when you get up, you want to say, OK, what kind of transition do I want to have? Am I meeting someone important today, am I giving a business presentation? "Whatever it is, what you wear is going to affect that, so again, for our items as well, what you wear might give you energy because of the colours, you might feel brighter because you’re wearing something lighter, you might want to take a trip somewhere - all these things have an influence on your actual behaviour and your actions, so we want to have a positive influence on people’s actions we’ve had for a while within the company."

But Yoshiyuki didn't just develop an overall vision from working with Issey. He also realised the importance of getting hands-on immersing himself in his designs.

"The thing I actually learned the most from Mr. Miyake, was learning to actually get out on the factory, actually get out and see the actual place where things are being made, not just sit at your desk and design something because you’re not going to get anything interesting that way," he smiled. "He really encouraged me to get out and interact with people working in the factory and see how things are being made, and that understanding was the first step."

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