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Yasmin Le Bon: I don't ask Simon for fashion advice

Yasmin Le Bon: I don't ask Simon for fashion advice

Yasmin Le Bon "never" asks her husband Simon for fashion advice.

The supermodel - who has three daughters Amber, 26, Saffron, 23, and Tallulah, 21, with the Duran Duran frontman - has learned over the years not to bother the 57-year-old pop legend for his thoughts on her outfits because he always tells her she looks "lovely".

She said: "I never ask my children or Simon what they think of how I look before leaving the house. Being family, they're far too honest. I've learnt the hard way. And Simon's only opinion is that I look lovely. He knows whatever he says, I will do entirely the opposite thing. He's worked that out."

While Yasmin's modelling career has spanned three decades, the 51-year-old beauty thinks she's "unphotogenic" and doesn't like walking red carpets because she feels like an "idiot" in front of cameras.

She told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I'm really good at my job when I'm working. But I'm terrible when I'm not working. As far as I am concerned anything that isn't a proper photoshoot isn't working. I am unphotogenic and can't do holiday snaps or red carpet. I just deflect everything with an enormous grin because I always I feel like an idiot when someone points a camera at me."