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Yamamoto explains his eye for detail

Yamamoto explains his eye for detail

Yohji Yamamoto's meticulous attention to detail is all so he doesn't get bored.

The Japanese fashion designer has had a long and varied career, which includes designing Sir Elton John's Vegas stage wardrobe, creating brand Y-3 with Adidas and displaying his work in museums.

When it comes to creating menswear, Yohji likes to keep his designs fresh.

"A man’s wardrobe is much more limited in variety and restricted in codes," he told "I guess we won’t be seeing guys wearing skirts or dresses anytime soon – not to say that this is what I wish, but it is all about the shape of the lapels on the jacket or the length of it, two or three buttons, the collar of a shirt or the shape of the pants. You definitely get bored after a few seasons! So that’s why I pay attention to the details, to how practical and cool they could be."

Yohji's designs have been seen on everyone from David Beckham to Willow Smith.

His laidback pieces often offer both comfort and style, with the 71-year-old revealing he'd most like those who feel as though something is missing from their wardrobe to opt for his clothes.

"Now I guess I wish my clothes were the ones you’d end up with, after having gone through all kinds of stages in fashion. First, you’d start with conservative fashion, then you’d go through each and every trend and finally come to ask yourself that something’s missing, something’s wrong. That’s the kind of people I wish my clothes could be appreciated by. I wish they could be the very last ones they’d wear," he smiled.

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