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Xenia Deli: My beauty is down to good genes

Xenia Deli: My beauty is down to good genes

Xenia Deli believes the key to modelling is simply good genes.

The stunning brunette started out shooting swimwear and lingerie but has become a recognisable name since starring in Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean? music video.

She gets incredibly close to the 21-year-old on screen, which has sparked a lot of envy among Beliebers. So what is the secret behind her gorgeous look?

"Thank you for this compliment, but I think the first thing that's important is genetics," she admitted to

"I can't say that I'm working out a lot in the gym. To get your beauty sleep is the best think I think for your health and for your body. And also try to eat healthy."

Xenia shows off her stunning physique in the video, spending a great portion of her time in her underwear. But for the experienced fashion star it wasn't a big deal.

"I am a lingerie and swimwear model, so for me, it is so easy to be around all these people in my lingerie, this is very normal for me. I am very confident in my body and I'm very confident being in the lingerie," she smiled.

While Xenia is starting to get recognised more and more in the street, it's unlikely fans will catch her on the Fashion Week runway, as she believes she's not tall enough for the job. Instead, she wants to follow the lead of Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse and make movies.

"For sure my plans is to get into the movies. I have some auditions for the movies, so we will see how they go. Besides modelling, I got into the acting classes, and this is what I enjoy right now and what I do with passion," she revealed.

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